Violet ReneI have assembled here everything that I have learned and experienced from Transitioning Male to Female in hopes that it will help my younger sisters to achieve their goals of becoming Transsexual Women.

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Two years ago it all seemed like a Dream to Me and I never thought I would make it through at times. Back then my Wife had recently passed away from Cancer and my youngest Daughter had moved out a few months before. So I found myself alone at age 50 and for the first time in 18 years. I didn't have any friends other than 3 of my neighbors, but I rarely even saw them. We never really hung out together except for the occasional Cocktail Party in our shared Car Port. My Time was all Mine and after grieving through my Wife's Death I knew what I wanted to with my  new Life. After 50 years of trying and failing to be a Man I would finally be able to cure my Gender Dysphoria by becoming a Transsexual Woman. I would finish the good work that my Wife started, unintentionally 3 years earlier. 

There is a separate Story in each of my sentences as I type this Landing Page. Perhaps someone will find a solution or two for their own MtF Transition. I love to help and to give back to my Community that helped me so very much. It is the least that I can do. There were so many people during my Transition that pieced me together into a Transsexual Woman. So Many Angels!

I am also trying to build and share with this Website for the curious whom wish to know more about this very Controversial Subject. Knowlege can overcome the Hate and Fears (Transphobia) as well as earn the Transgender/Transsexual an accepted place in society as "The Third Gender". My Community has many beautiful and kind souls that society would integrate with if We were just given a chance. I welcome you dear reader to take from this Website a new understanding of what you call "Trannie's".

It's time we all come together. Not sexually, but together as decent Human Beings. I need to walk down the Street (since I don't have a car) without constantly having to watch my back. I want the same Respects and Considerations that every one else gets. I Gotta Be Me like Sammy Davis Jr. sang.



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