Dressing UP!
Perhaps I am trying to catch up for all the year's that I neglected myself. My Transition started after my kids were grown up and on their own. After my Wife died. After the mourning. After half of my life. The best years spent trying to identify as someone I was not. "Presenting" as a Woman, as my true self, but with the clock running out. I have always loved fine women's clothing. So comfortable! So much Fun! I feel most confident when I am wearing a stylish, unique outfit. Love the compliments and opinions of other ladies as I also adore what they are wearing. Words can not express the Joy I feel when I am all dolled up!
Of course, for each outfit there must be matching shoes and handbag. The shoes compliment a nice outfit and are so very important. Hoseiry is an absolute must and the accessories! I love my rings, bracelets, necklaces and earrings. It shows as I usually go overboard in that department too! Yes, I stick out very much, especially when I am walking around with a selfie stick saying "Time for another VLOG!" I enjoy being unique and I take alot of time and pride in my appearance. Why can't I just be ME? When I am formally dressed I am totally happy and it shows, I have been told, in my smile! My clothes are an expression of Me. Violet. Sweet Girl. Sister of the Moon!
Many of my sisters have stressed the importance of "blending in" and here in Medford most of the women dress casually. Very casually! I can not write any more about this style because it is just not Me. I have tried, but if I wear pants I begin feeling like a male again because oh how noticeable my birth defect shows through a pair of pants. I have tucked to the point of getting yeast infections. Last November I was blessed with an Orchiectomy, which really helps my Dysphoria, but also teases me with hopes for a Vaginoplasty, of which I have never craved for anything more than.
There are women and then there are exceptional women. I want to be exceptional. I have a sincere need to present what 46 years has held back. My girl is becoming a Woman soon. This Woman will arrive at Her Destiny! I hope we all get what we need. Keep Pushing On!
Love, Violet

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