For my submissive boys I now offer Chastity! Let's see how long you can last! Here is how it works:


           Shortly after completing your payment for this service you will receive my Contact Information. You must have a Chastity Device, such              as a CB3000 and plastic serial numbered locks like these









You will be sending me Daily Pictures that clearly show the Serial Number and your locked up Cock, just like this good boy did.

 Serial Number clearly visible

At my discretion and depending on your good behaviour I will eventually allow you a Release and we will have a special Skype Session for this. Miss a picture and an extra day is added to your Lock Down. All the while I will be sending you teasing pictures of myself. Remember that I will sometimes demand a picture ASAP and your expediency will either help or delay your release. Sound like Fun?



For access to my Chastity Program please send a respectable email to : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

I charge $30.00 USD / Month with payments to my Paypal at

Make sure to check your Spam Folder as I will be sending you emails with instructions.

You should already have a suitable Chastity Device with plastic Serial Numbered Locks.

Be prepared to send me daily pictures of your locked up Cock for my Inspection.

We shall proceed from there. You will address me as "Mistress"!




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