Transsexual Resources

HRT involves Blood Work and Feminizing Hormones with Testosterone Blockers. During my first year I was given appointments every 3 months. At each visit my Hormone levels were checked and adjusted for a gradual decline of my Testosterone and a gradual increase of my Estrogen. By 9 months I was all Estrogen at a level that was comparable to a Cisgender Woman's. Very exciting even at my older age of 50! I could feel the good changes of Feminization coming along, especially Mentally. My only regret is that I didn't start sooner. If only I had known, Pre-Puberty, that I was Transgender then perhaps I would have experienced more Physical changes. I'm just happy that I did start, even though I was at age 50!

My second year of HRT required less Check-Up appointments. Every 6 months. Aclso during my second year I received my Orchiectomy and no longer needed to take Spironolactone. The only bad experiece that I had at my 2 year mark was the development of rashes from the Estradiol patches. My guess is that by this time my skin had changed from HRT and could no longer tolerate the adhesive of the Estradiol patches. They used to itch like crazy and sometimes the patches would come off while showering. So my Nurse changed my Estradiol to pills, which I prefer because I used to have to wear 2 Estradiol patches, one on each hip. The residue from the adhesives on the patches was hard to remove too. I found that Acetone was the only thing that would remove the adhesive outlines, but it also ruined my Nail Polish so I would paint my finger nails on schedule with my Estradiol patches.

Now I am in my third year of HRT and only annual appointments with my Nurse are required now. Like everything else with Transgender Care, it all gets easier with time and as our Community says - "The benefits outweigh the risks!"