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Cross-Sex Hormones and Testosterone Blockers 

Estradiol & Spironolactone!HRT (Hormone Replacement Therapy)        Feminization. Exciting changes both Mentally and Physically along with a wonderful feeling of Calmness. Everything changed for Me and I anxiously awaited! Most girls describe Transitioning as making the "Body Match The Mind".  So the Mind is prepared first. Before the physical changes which will take some time to notice, but the Mind is very quick to become nearly 100% Female. Within my first week of starting HRT I noticed that I was much calmer, more patient and I actually felt so much better! It was a natural high that also made me feel "Normal". I realized that this was one more, of many affirmations of Self-Discovery that I was meant to be a Female. I could not deny and I knew that I was on the right track. I only wished that I could have started decades sooner and possibly spared myself of a Male Puberty. So here are steps I took to begin HRT.



The Diagnosis itself is fairly easy to obtain and involves "Informed Consent". This means that you have been provided, considered and accepted the Risks of HRT. Everything is very nicely published in the STANDARDS OF CARE. You will need to meet with a Mental Health Professional that can "Write Your Letter" (Diagnosis). There is no Test to take and just the fact that You feel like You were born into the wrong body is more than enough to be diagnosed. Here are 2 of the 3 Letters if you are curious. Click for larger image.     ( Identifying Information has been removed)

Diagnosis of Gender DysphoriaDiagnosis of Gender DysphoriaGD Diagnosis