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Cross-Sex Hormones and Testosterone Blockers 

Estradiol & Spironolactone!HRT (Hormone Replacement Therapy)        Feminization. Exciting changes both Mentally and Physically along with a wonderful feeling of Calmness. Everything changed for Me and I anxiously awaited! Most girls describe Transitioning as making the "Body Match The Mind".  So the Mind is prepared first. Before the physical changes which will take some time to notice, but the Mind is very quick to become nearly 100% Female. Within my first week of starting HRT I noticed that I was much calmer, more patient and I actually felt so much better! It was a natural high that also made me feel "Normal". I realized that this was one more, of many affirmations of Self-Discovery that I was meant to be a Female. I could not deny and I knew that I was on the right track. I only wished that I could have started decades sooner and possibly spared myself of a Male Puberty. So here are steps I took to begin HRT.

Traditionally an Endocrinologist would administer HRT, however I could not find any in my area, which is actually a Medical based town. By chance I called my local Women's Clinic and was accepted as a new patient! What's more is that my Nurse is very interested in Transgender Care and she has taken excellent care of me. In fact, I was her first Transgender patient. 

This was my first experience in my Medical Transition abd a very good one. Sure, I was a little shy and embarrassed the first time I walked into the Women's Clinic. I had only recently began living 24/7 as a Woman and as I waited in the lobby I was too self-conscious to notice if the other patients were staring at me. Perhaps they were, but my determination paid off after I finished my appointment and was rewarded with not only a new prescription for Estradiol, but referrals for my Top and Bottom surgeries as well!

I will mention many times in my articles here that you have to be your own Advocate. Some CCO's (Coordinated Care Organizations) now have agents which help patients find the Doctors they need, but back when I started HRT this service was in the process of being implemented. I had to be resourceful and do all of the "Leg Work" myself. Had I have given up and never called the Women's Clinic then I would not be where I am today. Through Social Media I have noticed that many Transgender Women gave up too easily on finding their Medical Providers and they are still procrastinating and making excuses for not getting started with HRT.

Of course, many are also in limbo and not sure whether to begin Medical Transitioning or not. Everyone will have their own unique Path in regards to Transgender Care. For myself, I was 50 years young, but not getting any younger and I simply didn't want to waste time. Becoming a Transsexual Woman was my main goal back then and now, 2 years later, I have completed my Path and am living very happily as a Transsexual Woman. Never Give Up! You can do it!

HRT involves Blood Work and Feminizing Hormones with Testosterone Blockers. During my first year I was given appointments every 3 months. At each visit my Hormone levels were checked and adjusted for a gradual decline of my Testosterone and a gradual increase of my Estrogen. By 9 months I was all Estrogen at a level that was comparable to a Cisgender Woman's. Very exciting even at my older age of 50! I could feel the good changes of Feminization coming along, especially Mentally. My only regret is that I didn't start sooner. If only I had known, Pre-Puberty, that I was Transgender then perhaps I would have experienced more Physical changes. I'm just happy that I did start, even though I was at age 50!

My second year of HRT required less Check-Up appointments. Every 6 months. Aclso during my second year I received my Orchiectomy and no longer needed to take Spironolactone. The only bad experiece that I had at my 2 year mark was the development of rashes from the Estradiol patches. My guess is that by this time my skin had changed from HRT and could no longer tolerate the adhesive of the Estradiol patches. They used to itch like crazy and sometimes the patches would come off while showering. So my Nurse changed my Estradiol to pills, which I prefer because I used to have to wear 2 Estradiol patches, one on each hip. The residue from the adhesives on the patches was hard to remove too. I found that Acetone was the only thing that would remove the adhesive outlines, but it also ruined my Nail Polish so I would paint my finger nails on schedule with my Estradiol patches.

Now I am in my third year of HRT and only annual appointments with my Nurse are required now. Like everything else with Transgender Care, it all gets easier with time and as our Community says - "The benefits outweigh the risks!"