Transsexual Resources

For most of us our most pressing matter is in regards to Financing our surgeries which are very expensive. My SRS alone totalled $108,000 and this did not include my Transportation, Lodging or After Care necessities. In the Past many girls paid for their surgeries by doing Sex Work and I am just as guilty. Finding a regular job as a Transgender person can be a challenge due to Discrimination, but even if lucky enough to gain employment, there is still the possibility of not being able to work with the other employees again due to Discrimination. On top of it all, good jobs are hard to find these days for Everybody. Male, Female or Trans!

If you are on Medicaid, Congratulations! Counseling, HRT and Gender Confirming Surgeries are covered 100%. Your Transportation, if needed, will likely be fully covered as well. Mine was until I lost my Medicaid. The only bad experience that I had with Medicaid was when my CCO denied my Breast Augmentation Surgery because I was a Smoker. I immediately quit smoking, flushed my system out and took a Cotinine (Nicotene) Test and PASSED! My surgery was then approved and the whole appeal took less than a month. Now I do remember a few charges for various medical things, like Blood Work which was quickly resolved by me calling and giving them (again) my Medicaid Card Number. 

If you are on Medicare then you might have a different coverage amount, but typically Medicare will pay 80%. For the remaining 20% check with your local Disability Office to see if you qualify for Extra Help. While you are there also check into receiving Credit for the Medical Expenses that you pay out of pocket. Every little bit helps! Your Hospital might have Financial Assistance if you are Low Income. Ask during your Consultation Appointment. Some Doctors might offer their own Financing Arrangements as well.

For the rest of us we will have to work with whatever Health Insurance we have, but their are still other possibilities.    - This link will take you to Brave Space LLC in a new Window. Brave Space creates community and facilitates access to expert and knowledgeable providers for transgender and non-binary children, youth, adults, and their families. They have a Scholarship you can apply for that covers the expenses that Insurance doesn't, like services, procedures, accessories and fees. Go straight to the Application HERE

Need Clothing? Check with Churches, Goodwill and your County resources. For example, in my town I can go to a place where I can select one complete outfit each day Monday - Friday and it is all FREE! I have found some very nice clothes and shoes there! 

I always mention to be your own Advocate. If you do your research and make the calls then you should be able to take advantage of many good opportunities. Transitioning is very expensive! Gratefully accept all the help you can get!