Transsexual Resources

This Article describes the steps that I took during the Medical part of my MtF Transition. While each Girl's journey will be as uniquely different as she is there are some logical steps that can be taken to ensure a smooth and easy Transition. I was able to go from HRT through Breast Augmentation, Orchiectomy and Vaginoplasty in 19 months with my Legal Name / Sex change accomplished along the way. This was an exciting time in my life with many changes, both good and bad. Currently I am at 6 months Post-Op and am the happiest Girl in the World with absolutely no regrets! My own Timeline is as follows:

November       2017 Started HRTMy First Time Presenting As A Woman
February      7,2018 Breast Augmentation Consult
May              2,2018 Breast Augmentation Phone Consult
May            15,2018 Breast Augmentation Surgery
May            24,2018 Breast Augmentation Follow-Up
July               3,2018 SRS Consult
August        22,2018 Breast Augmentation Follow-Up
September 22,2018 Orchiectomy Consult
November  14,2018 Orchiectomy Phone Consult
November  20,2018 Orchiectomy Surgery
June            26,2018 SRS Consult
June            26,2018 SRS Medical Exam
June            26,2018 SRS PT Consult
June            26,2018 Breast Augmentation Follow-Up
July              11,2018 SRS Surgery
July              25,2018 SRS Follow-Up
August           2,2018 SRS Physical Therapy
August           7,2018 SRS Follow-Up
August         22,2018 SRS Follow-Up
October         3,2018 SRS Follow-Up
Everything begins with HRT, but surgeries, if desired, could be accomplished in a different order. The only exception to this is Orchiectomy, which has to come before Vaginoplasty, of course! In most cases Breast Augmentation (Top Surgery) will probably happen first due to an overwhelming waiting list for Bottom Surgery. As of this publication these waiting lists are filling up fast with 2-5 years wait time in many cases. Do not let this discourage you though as there are also Cancellation Lists so you could possibly be seen sooner. WPATH guidelines are strictly followed by all of the Doctors that I have encountered.
If you are desiring Vaginoplasty then I highly reccomend starting Surgical Site Electrolysis , however, these days there are some Doctors that Do Not Require Electrolysis because they scape the hair follicles off during surgery. Best to check with your selected Doctor though and avoid any last minute surprises.
For a speedy Transition be your own Advocate and always try to stay "One step ahead of the Game". For example, while waiting for my Top Surgery I started the Legal Process of changing my Name and Sex. By the time of my surgery I had already been granted these legal changes and I had my new ID and Birth Certificate in hand! Multi-Tasking, Self-Advocacy, Patience and Kindness will get you through to your new life as a Transsexual Woman.
So first, you must find a Mental Health Professional that is qualified in "Gender Dysphoria". You will need this person's reccomendation in order to start HRT (Hormone Replacement Therapy). Now this is not a very difficult process thanks to "Informed Consent" which is basically a statement you sign that you understand the benefits / risks of HRT and wish to begin it. If you are having trouble with finding and/or affording this Mental Health Counseling try your local Mental Health Department. That is where I found my Counselor AND - She is also Transgender!
So now to start HRT! Traditionally an Endocrinologist administers HRT, but nowadays there are other Medical Professionals as well. I found mine at my local Women's Clinic and she has been wonderful to me! She even referred me for my Top and Bottom surgeries! What luck!!
I have been most fortunate except for my Heart Attack that I suffered not long after my Breast Augmentation and I do not believe these are related. While I can never be certain I believe Stress caused my Heart Attack because at the time I was still deeply grieving my Wife's Death and I was removed from Medicaid resulting in financial worries about how I would be able to afford the rest of my Transition. I will cover the Financing aspect of Transitioning HERE.