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I was feeling fine down there up until a couple weeks ago when I noticed that Dilating was becoming painful again. My Vagina was quite sore, but I was still able to Dilate through the soreness. Finally I snapped this selfie and was shocked at what I saw! Please excuse the hair, which I usually keep shaved, but I am currently recovering from Foot Surgery so...



Notice the swollen Labia and the Bump. Now I know why Dilating has become painful. My Doctor's Office was able to see me today (1/14/19) and she told me this looks like a Granulation Tissue.

I have faced many challenges with obtaining my own SRS, but the fault is all mine. My Doctors are wonderful and are doing everything they can to help cure me of this gender dysphoria. My delay is due to having a heart attack nine months ago. SRS is considered an "Elective" surgery and while I disagree, well, it is what it is! I worry frequently, every day, that I could have another heart attack and be forever disqualified from this life saving operation.
Perhaps, my situation, is part of the reasons that suicide rates are so high among transgender peoples. You see, Gender Dysphoria is very extreme for me because I have already had the top surgery and an Orchiectomy so I need the SRS to finish my body so that it matches my mind. I would love to be able to wear a Bikini, G String and other such lingerie, but my primary reason for desiring SRS is to make my body match my mind. I do not want to be stuck for the rest of my life as a she-male. My birth defect no longer functions due to my Orchiectomy and this gives me incredible frustrations since I can not receive sexual pleasures. One of my dreams is to experience the feeling of being penetrated and to have a woman's orgasm. Even more importantly is being able to give my lover a "complete woman".