Transsexual Resources

Sex Change, SRS, Gender Confirming Vaginoplasty, MtF Vaginoplasty, Vulvoplasty, Orchiectomy, Facial Feminization, Tracheal Shave, Rib Modification, Breast Augmentation / Implants

Very careful consideration should be given when contemplating on whether you need / want these surgeries as most of them are irreversible. The biggest fear is that you might end up regretting making these changes to your body. For this reason WPATH reccomends certain guidelines and most Doctors follow them. You may review the Standards of Care to learn more. Download a Free copy of this invaluable resource because these surgeries bring about tremendous changes both physically and mentally.

Everything miraculously "fell into place" for me when I began my Medical Transition, but I did hit a few bumps (including one very big one) along my way. At 6 months Post-Op from my own Vaginoplasty I still feel very fortunate and lucky to be where I am today. My relentless multi-tasking and self-advocacy enabled me to complete my Transiton in 19 months starting with HRT and moving right along with Breast Augmentation, Orchiectomy and finally Vaginoplasty. So I will share how I did it, but my course will not be possible for all, unfortunately. Every Transition seems to have it's own unique story, but hopefully mine will help or at least give some insight into making the Body match the Mind.

I was already seeing a Mental Health Counselor for my PTSD and this Lady just happened to be Transgender! She became my first Ally and she helped me so much. I could not have done it without her and when it came time for my Legal Name / Sex Change I honored her by adopting my middle name as a slight variation of her's. This wonderful woman gave me the neccessary "Letter of Reccomendation" to start my HRT. Now I knew from reading the Stanfards of Care that I would need 2 of these letters from different Mental Health professionals so I contacted my previous Counselor, an LCSW, and to my delight she sent me my second "Letter". 

Back then, finding a Provider for HRT was a bit of a challenge as most of the people I contacted were unable to help me. After several calls I finally found someone at a local Women's Clinic and I became her first Transgender Patient. She administered my HRT and referred me for Breast Augmentation and Vaginoplasty! Within just a few days my consultations were scheduled! So within my first month I already had 2 Letters, HRT and Surgery Consultations. I was off to a flying start and the momentum only increased all the way through my journey! In addition to these wonderful people that helped me I also owe thanks to being my own Advocate. I researched everything I could find on these Gender Confirming Surgeries and I always tried to stay one step ahead by always planning on what I needed to do next.