Violet ReneI have assembled here everything that I have learned and experienced from Transitioning Male to Female in hopes that it will help my younger sisters to achieve their goals of becoming Transsexual Women.

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Sunday morning, just before Christmas, I created a little fantasy post on Facebook. I will admit that I have some strange fantasies, but it is what it is. My post read:

"I want to be drugged up and Sex Trafficked!"

At the time I posted this I thought it would give the readers a laugh. I am always trying to be the Comedienne. Notice the first person typing. I meant absolutely nothing in regards to minors and I am against anyone being forced into Sex Work. For myself however, this is a fantasy of my alternate personality "Roxie", whom adores Sex Work and does so of her own free will. She loves to party and she loves money, but her actions are very risky and we are very lucky to still be alive today.

This little post landed me in Facebook Jail for 30 days and it was my sixth or seventh sentence (I lost count!). For me, my biggest issue is with the Censoring on Facebook. I want to provide Adult Content and to speak what is on my mind. Of course, now I realize that Facebook is not the proper place to do so. My largest following is on Facebook, but perhaps in time, my Adult Amusement followers will visit me here on my own website. My last vestige of Free Journalism.

So please visit me on https://xhamster.com/users/tgviolet for my Adult Content. ENJOY! #NayFOSTA

Facebook Jail


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