Hater's Delight / Kicked Out For Being Trans
I "came out" to my landlord one year ago, immediately after Court granted my legal name / sex change. I had already lived here for over a year and I had already came out to everyone else. Everyone had been pretty cool about it, but I feared that my landlord would evict me. He was doing maintenance work one day when I asked if I could talk to him for a minute. I invited him into my apartment, offered him something to drink (he declined) and then very short and sweetly I "came out to him". It was such a relief to finally tell him even though I was very nervous.
So my landlord responds by telling me that I am going to go to Hell! He told me that what I was doing was wrong and when he noticed that my computer was on he directed me to some religious website with quotes from the Bible! For the next hour or so I had to listen to his "beliefs" and how he wanted to save me. I wanted to ask him to leave, but I didn't want to get evicted so I grinned and beared the verbal abuse that he gave me. Well, finally he left, not really giving me an answer. That situatioin was very weird, but as time passed, he seemed to accept me and I thought all was well.
Fast forward another year and without any warning I received a "Notice of Termination" giving me 60 days to move out. It's a "No Cause" Termination, which means the landlord does not have to give me any reason for making me move. Oregon Law. I used to love Oregon, but not so much any more. Tenants have no rights here. I always paid my Rent on time and I have been a perfect tenant, but now I have to move and there is a severe housing shortage in this state. I understand now why there are so many homeless people. Seems like a Renter has to live in constant worry about receiving one of these "No Cause Evictions".
I am almost certain that I will get cheated out of my $1300 security deposit as well. Been there, done that. My apartment is cleaner and nicer than it was when I moved in, but my intuition tells me to forget about that money and just leave! No cleaning and leave behind all of my furniture, which is in used condition anyway. Just pack my two suit cases and walk downtown to the Greyhound Station. Leave Oregon!
This will make move number 46 for me, approximately, as I have forgotten the exact count. Many people are afraid to leave everything behind and start over, but I am so used to it. I need change and I should have left long ago, but I thought that maybe I could make this place into a real Home! I was wrong. I am being kicked out for being transgender, but there is a special place in Hell for these haters that ruin a good person's life by taking away tthe most important need, Shelter.

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