Welcome to Escorting 101. I am producing this Video in hopes of advising, not encouraging, those that are interested in Adult Work. You see, there are many negative aspects to this line of work such as Physical and Emotional Abuse. Getting Ripped Off. Contracting an STI. Possibly even Murder, especially for the Transgender workers! During my career as a Sex Worker I suffered some of these hazards and even though the money and good times outweighed the bad I still became disgusted with being a Provider and I walked away from it. I consider myself lucky to still be alive. 
So let me get to the Legal stuff first! I am not a Lawyer nor can I offer any Legal Advice. I am NOT guaranteeing that my Methods and Tips will keep you from getting arrested, ripped off, hurt or murdered. Use my information at your own risk!
OK! I learned the ropes of Escorting way back in the 90's. What happened was that I fell madly in love with a Hooker and during my time with her I observed her business dealings. As a cross dresser back then I was tempted to try some Adult Work myself so my hooker/girl friend taught me everything she knew. Back then we had Craigslist and all the providers ran steady streams of ads there. This was before the Police started monitoring Internet Prostitution. Nowadays you must be very careful in how you compose your ads. Discretion is Paramount to your success. More on that shortly!
In my opinion here are the pre-requisites for entering into Adult Work. 
First You must enjoy Sex! If you try to fake it with a client he will probably notice and this can delay his orgasm and lengthen your session with him. If you have good clients then enjoying the quality time will be much easier. This is one reason why you must be very selective. I was considerably pickier than most providers so I didn't book a lot of sessions, but the ones that I did were very enjoyable and this made the encounter quite pleasureable!
Second You should be Uninhibited as your client's desires can range from mild to wild. BDSM and GFE (Girl Friend Experience) are two good examples of this. Forunately, these activities command a higher Fee!
Thirdly You must be Bold and Brave! I would usually allow myself ONE Alcoholic drink during my initial meeting with a Client. Always watch your drink including the Bartender when he or she makes it! Common sense, but easily overlooked when you are nervous meeting a client for the first time. Better if you can skip the drink or go with a non-alcoholic selection. Keep your mind clear and alert! There are clients that might try to be slick and take advantage of you.
Fourth. Obviously an Internet Connection along with a dedicated E-mail address. A short, but sweet address is preferred so that it will be easier for clients to remember. Let's include a dedicated cell phone too. Just a cheap little pre-paid phone will do. This will give you a dedicated number to use and when it rings you know it's about business! This way you can answer the call in a sexy enchanting way without worrying that a friend or family member is calling! Always keep your Adult Work separate and private from your normal life.
Fifth. Protection. I reccomend both Pepper Spray and a Stun Gun! Keep these close and easily accessible until you are reasonably sure that your client is safe. Protection also includes Condoms and Lube! Never ever "Bare Back". I don't care how much money a client offers you. Bare Backing is extremely risky. In addition, if you are doing more than one call in a night, using condoms will keep you clean. No sloppy seconds! Your local Health Department should be offering FREE Condoms and Lube. Take advantage of this!
Of course, many clients will bitch about having to wear a rubber. They will argue that a condom kills their sensitivity and makes it more difficult to get off. Some of these bastards will even try to remove their condom during Sex! If a client gives me a hard time about having to wear a condom, then first I mention that it's for his protection as well as mine. I remind him that I do see other men. I also discreeetly arm my pepper spray, just in case he tries to force me. If he still argues with me then I leave him with his money. All of it. After I am safely home I would report him on The Erotic Review website, hoping to keep other girls from getting burned, but now websites such as T.E.R. and Preferred411 are no longer available in the Unitred States because of the Fight Online Sex Trafficking Act (FOSTA), which adds tougher penalties on web services that help facilitate prostitution or sex trafficking. Craigslist was the first website to remove it's Personals section.
So without the ability to advertise Adult Services online, many will return to Street Walking and Bar Hopping. There was a decent Safety Net with advertising and screening client's online, but now it's gone and it's just a matter of time before all the other Escort websites will either dissapear or become no longer available in the USA.
Now is a good time to talk about your Safety. Here are several good tips:
• Shoes should come off easily or be appropriate for running in. 
• Long earrings or big hoops for pierced ears may get pulled accidentally or intentionally. Wear small earrings, clip-ons or none at all 
• Avoid necklaces, scarves. Across-the-body shoulder bags, or anything else that can accidentally or intentionally be tightened around your throat. 
• Wigs should fit so that they can't slip and cover the face. 
• Wear clothing that doesn't have to be removed to fuck. This saves time, hides money and tracks, and if there's a problem you won't lose your clothing if you have to run away or leave in a hurry. 
• Clothing should be “straitjacket-proof." A half zipped or buttoned jacket can be pulled over shoulders to trap arms. 
• Wear nothing that can get caught in or on car doors, like loose bracelets, billowing dresses. wide sleeves, or long coats with dangling, attached belts. 
• Try to keep pubic hair clipped short - it won't get pulled either by accident or intentionally 
• Make yourself noticeable/attractive to customers, and ensure that you can see them as well. If you need glasses or contact lenses, wear them- Constricted pupils do not admit too much light , so limit your heroin intake if you work at night. 
• "Act as if." Always pretend to have security, wealth, health and calm.
With Safety comes Health so let's look into that too:
• Tight pants, nylon underwear and pantyhose can cause vaginal infections. Wear cotton or crotchless underwear. stockings, or nothing. Change panties daily (or turn inside out on alternate days, or use pantyliners). The same applies for socks. 
• Keep toenails short to reduce toot pain. Shoes that are too large are safer and more comfortable than shoes that are too small. 
• Sanitary napkins can provide a pathway for bacteria from anus to vagina, causing infection. Wear  tampons while having your period and change them frequently. 
• Keep lips, teeth, gums, vagina and thighs well lubricated to prevent irritation. 
• Brush your teeth, douche and use enemas after work, not before or between customers.
Your first Goal should be to establish a Client Base of regular customers. Initially however, you will have to start on the streets. Everything will be much easier after you get enough "regulars", but most of them will come and go too. After all, most men prefer a variety, but if you show them a good experience they will be more likely to return. 
Some Final Tips:
• Have a price list and stick to it 
• Decide what you are and are not willing to do. 
• Pick your own parking spot or hotel, don't leave it up to the customer 
• Have a time limit for each service. If a customer can't come within a reasonable period he's costing you money by preventing you from seeing other customers. His failure to get off may make him agitated or violent 
• Urinate often- friction from fucking with a full bladder may cause a bladder infection 
• If you have access to "female" condoms check them out They can be used for both vaginal and anal sex, are controlled by the wearer, and they offer protection from both pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases. 
• Female condoms can be inserted before you go out to the stroll and will guarantee some protection. • Have a supply of condoms, lube, and napkins with you and put a condom in your mouth 
• Be willing to turn down particular customers, particular requests and offers of payment below your standards. 
• Use some mentholated salve, like Vicks Vapo-Rub (for chapped lips & colds) inside your nostrils - you'll smell the customer less when you give head and you'll be less sniffly if you're dope sick.
OK! Time to take it to the Streets!
Stand where you can be seen and where you have good, glare-free vision of the stroll and approaching cars. Stash keys and other important personal items where they will be accessible and safe keeping them in your pockets or purse makes them available to customers who want to rob you. I always prefer to stand outside a Bar. This will attract Men, but often times they will not be in the market for a Hooker. If he is interested then I can deal with him inside the safety of the Bar. Often times the Bouncer will try to run you off from the Bar if you are just hanging out, but you can still stay close by as long as you are on the side walk. Be wary for Police though. If a prospective client doesn't happen within 15 minutes then go on a "Stroll". 
A Stroll is simply a walk on a busy street to advertise yourself. This walking area does not need to be long. A city block or two should be sufficient. Also, there is no need to dress "Slutty" as this will attract Police attention. Casual attire and smiling at all the cars passing by should be enough to advertise yourself. When a car stops approach the driver’s window keeping enough distance to avoid being grabbed, assaulted with spit or spray paint or pleasing "window shoppers".Study the customer, the car and the door lock system. 
If You Are A Pre-Op Transgender Make Sure Your Client Knows! Failing To Disclose This Information Could Very Well Cost You Your Life! Tell Your Client From A Safe Distance Before You Get In!
Arrange price, service and location while you're outside the car. Circle the car completely before entering to ensure the number of passengers and to take the license plate number or pretend to. Wave goodbye to work partner (or pretend to) and shout expected return time.
Once in his car ensure that you can re-open the car door. Get a good look at the customer and the car.  Its still not too late to back out. For example, he's drunker than you thought you see a weapon under his seat or you get a creepy feeling. If you must run then run against traffic, not with it! At this point I will stick my hand inside his pants and grab his Cock! A Cop is not allowed to do this! I demand my money up front and I let him see me stash his payment and I keep it separate from the rest of my money. If he tries to rob me maybe he won't find my entire bankroll. I will put my purse where I can find it without looking. For example, open on the floor between my feet. I always act in control and take charge of the action. I keep my eyes on him and his hands at all times and I don't let him get between myself and the exit. I like to keep the door open a crack if he allows.

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